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23 May 2020

CREATI VID 19: Week 9

Here we are, already in our ninth week of #CREATIVID19. Toys to honor the heroes, a film contest, dogs to identify new cases of COVID-19, a website to track the spread of the virus and a collaborative comic. Those are the initiatives that we have been sharing these days, to celebrate creativity emerging due to the pandemic: THE BRIGHT SIDE OF DARKNESS.


Day 41

Play with the heroes of the pandemic. Mattel has honored those who fight the COVID19 with a special edition of toys, including the everyday heroes. Mattel will donate the benefits of #ThankYouHeroes to #FirstRespondersFirst, an initiative to support first responder healthcare workers serving on the frontlines of the pandemic.


Day 42

There has been an increase of contests that invite us to show how good we are at something, and to earn some money or popularity. For example, Screen Northants launched the competition Kind of a Big Deal in My Living Room, for films made without breaking social distancing rules.


Day 43

Dogs could be a solution for identifying new cases of COVID19. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine is working on this astonishing project, training dogs to test Coronavirus cases for sniffing out. Just a simple clue, a dog can sniff 750 people per hour.


Day 44

Volunteers from Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, and other tech companies in close collaboration with epidemiologists worked to make a website called covidnearyou. asks healthy and sick people to share their symptoms to track the coronavirus as it spreads.


Day 45

AfterComic has created a collaborative comic. Every day, the publisher posts in its Twitter account and website one page of the story titled Renna y Bulor confined, and a text with two different options to continue the tale: participants choose. Join and decide the end: .

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