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2 May 2020

CREATI VID 19: week 6

Backgrounds for video calls, original poems, artists and roommates demonstrating their creativity and recipes from top chefs around the world are the initiatives we have been sharing this sixth week. #CREATIVID19 The Bright Side of Darkness. 


Day 26

Why not dress up your conference calls? IKEA has designed a collection of backgrounds for video calls from home. You can show different home settings for fun or to hide your mess. The IKEA gallery is available for free download on the Facebook page.


Day 27

Jessica Salfia, English teacher and writer, created a poem comprising the first lines of emails she received: First Lines of Emails I’ve Received While Quarantining. And it is a trend. Another example by Kasumi Yamazaki using the final sentences of emails. Look for more!


Day 28

If you are creative, you are so no matter what, and if you want to express your art, you find the way. Quarantine is not an excuse. Two examples, the first is an art museum for pets that a couple created. The second illustrates how Banksy sees a canvas on any surface.


Day 29

There are several initiatives recreating art made from what we have at home. We have already shown some. We want to share this one conceived by four roommates because it is one of the most popular Instagram accounts since the coronavirus crisis started:  covidclassics.


Day 30

On Friday, our proposal was to cook with top chefs around the world, like Eric Ripert or Massimo Bottura. They cook at home and share their recipes on social media. Under the hashtag #michelinguideathome, you can find those easy-to-follow recipes.

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