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About us

SCOPEN is an independent company operating in the market since 1990.
  1. 1978
    • 1st edition of AGENCY SCOPE in Spain (agency study) is created by Mr. Cesar Vacchiano López 
  2. 1990
    • Angel Riesgo and Luis Bringas found Grupo Consultores (GC) as an AARpartner to coordinate agency selections in Spain
  3. 1992
    • Vacchiano (current CEO) joins the company to drive the area of research
  4. 1993
    • First remuneration study for BTL agencies


  5. 1994
    • 1st edition of the study on media agencies and BTL agencies
  6. 1995
    • 1st edition of MEDIA SCOPE in Spain
  7. 1996
    • 1st edition of the AGENCY BOOK in Spain
  8. 1997
    • Spanish Effectiveness Awards (GC organizes the contest at the request of the Spanish Association of Advertisers-AEA)
  9. 1999
    • GC initiates its international expansion: Opens offices in Argentina with its 1st edition of the AGENCY SCOPE study
  10. 2000
    • GC establishes industry standards for salaries with SALARY SCOPE
  11. 2002
    • 1st edition of the “New Business League” (new business tracking among creative agencies)
    • Kika Samblás joins GC as Director of Consultancy Services for Advertisers 
  12. 2003
    • Lisbon offices open. Pedro Luoreiro joins as Managing Director of Portugal
  13. 2005
    • GC expands to Asia Pacific: joint venture with R3 y 1st edition of AGENCY SCOPE in China
  14. 2006
    • GC opens offices in Sao Paulo. Graziela di Giorgi joins as MDof GC America
  15. 2007
    • GC begins its collaboration with Cannes Lions Festival, through the Spanish representation of Vocento
  16. 2008
    • César Vacchiano, Kika Samblás and Pedro Loureiro acquire 100% of GC
    • GC opens in India with the 1st edition of AGENCY SCOPE
    • The “New Business League”becomes NB SCORE and is extended to media agency
    • Launch of the AGENCY BOOK in Portugal
  17. 2009
    • Offices open in Buenos Aires. César Padilla MDof GC Argentina
    • Launch of PR SCOPE
    • GC Singapur commences operations with the 1st AGENCY SCOPE in Southeast Asia
  18. 2010
    • GC Mexico commences operations with the 1st AGENCY SCOPE
    • 1st AGENCY BOOK in Brazil and China
  19. 2011
    • 1st edition of AGENCY SCOPE in UK
    • GC becomes the Official Representative of Cannes Lions Festival in Spain

  20. 2012
    • GC opens offices in Santiago. César Padilla, MDof GC Chile
    • 1st edition of AGENCY SCOPE in Chile
  21. 2013
    • Launch of AGENCY SCOPE in Colombia
    • Global selection of the creative network and media services for BBVA (various markets)
    • Pan-European selection process for creative agency for KAYAK
  22. 2014
    • 1st agency selection process in Argentina for HEINEKEN
    • 1st agency selection in Colombia: Gas Natural Fenosa (Electricaribe)
  23. 2015
    • 25th anniversary
    • GC becomes SCOPEN
  24. 2016
    • 1st. edition of AGENCY SCOPE South Africa
    • 1st edition of the new MARKETER SCOPE in Argentina

    • Launch of the Latin American MARKETERS Awards in collaboration with ADLATINA


  25. 2017
    • Our AGENCY BOOK becomes THE PARTNERS BOOK in order to include new communication partners
  26. 2018
    • First edition of CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT & CRM SCOPE España y Portugal
  27. 2019
    • Worldwide pitch for BBVA
  28. 2020
    • TREND SCORE COVID-19 Special in Spain, Portugal and Latam
    • Digitalisation of Studies

What we do

Thanks to our research, rigorous analysis and the numerous correlations derived from our comprehensive database, SCOPEN can offer a unique strategic vision to drive businesses within the creative economy, inspiring people and projects.
Business Model


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World presence

SCOPEN is present in 12 countries
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • China
  • Colombia
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Portugal
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • UK
  • USA

Scopen Experts

If you are a SCOPEN Expert, you are one of the key professionals upon whom we rely on a regular basis for collaboration in the development of our research.

For your attention, your patience and your important contributions, you are rewarded with a series of exclusive benefits


Tickets to different Events, Seminars and Conferences organized by SCOPEN


Complimentary copy of “The Effectiveness Book” regardless of attendance to the Awards Gala

Complimentary copy of our AGENCY BOOK and special discount on the purchase of additional copies


Preferential and exclusive access to the information from our reports and studies from other countries that could be of interest. Upon request.


Information about pieces and cases from our Events that may be of interest. Upon request.