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We provide council and guidance to our clients on issues surrounding their evolution and transformation strategies in the creative economy, applying the intelligence garnered through our own data combined with our international vision.

We optimise relationships between advertisers and their agencies with the objective of significantly improving their marketing and business results.

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Agency Selection

We analyse and perform an in-depth review of our clients’ communication and business requirements to provide advice regarding the profiles of suitable collaborators. We accompany them in the selection process with a flexible approach tailored to their structure and working needs.

Remuneration Audit

We evaluate and analyse advertisers’ agency remuneration models to identify possible areas of improvement and optimisation in response to the current compensation scheme, talent assigned to the business and qualitative service levels, based on our own benchmark indicators.

Performance Score

Barometer that continuously tracks the relationship between brands and their communication partners.

This study monitors the workload, man-hours, processes and resources, and the effectiveness of the output.

This tool also allows us to introduce efficiency models in procurement and marketing departments as well as the agencies.


We strongly believe that some projects require the joint effort of experts with unique and different backgrounds (both in communication and other areas of specialization). Our SCOPEN Talent model allows us to bring diverse talent from the creative economy together and place it at the service of clients facing a specific brand, business or innovation challenge.


We help agencies to develop and optimise their market positionings, growth strategies and plans for future development.

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Positioning and Value

We partner with agencies to complete in-depth reviews of their market positionings and value propositions in order to adjust and optimise their messaging strategy taking into account advertisers’ needs, market dynamics, competitive landscape and the DNA of their own teams.

Structure and Services

We evaluate and closely examine the services offered by the agencies and the structure behind them to establish a credible and attractive link with advertisers. Then, we recommend the necessary changes and adjustments to be implemented so the agency can optimise their services and continue to evolve in the future.

Credentials Audit

Comprehensive audit of the service and the value proposition of an agency based on their initial presentation channels, - credentials and owned media. This process, managed in close collaboration with the agency’s top management, leads to guaranteed improvement of these essential new business tools.

New Business Strategy

Analysis, evaluation and optimisation of the agency’s new business strategy to define and materialise an action plan that includes: cluster analysis of advertisers and definition of primary and secondary targets, tools to be used and messaging adapted to each profile, methodology and resources needed for successful deployment.

New Business Audit

Methodical and comprehensive analysis of agencies’ new business presentations (credentials and pitch proposals) to identify and minimise gaps between the agency’s value proposition and its image as perceived by advertisers.

M&A Screening

We partner with agency and communication group management teams to identify opportunities for future development and growth through strategic collaborations, mergers and/or acquisitions of third parties. The process identifies the potential partners and defines a model based on an optimum fit.

Costs and Remuneration Audit

Review of the cost structure of an agency, in the areas of client service and production, providing comparisons versus SCOPEN’s bespoke benchmark indexes. We provide recommendations to optimise cost structures as well as the compensation models applied to its key client partners.